Serving the needs of Upstate New York towns
Serving the needs of Upstate New York towns
Upstate New York Towns Association, Inc.
Upstate New York Towns Association, Inc.

Serving the Unique Needs and Interests
of Upstate NY Towns

Thank you to all who attended the October Program on Wind Power Development presented by Bluestone Wind, LLC

Thank you to those who attended
our September program!

Thank you to William Wagner -Director of Mobility Management of South Central NY- for a very informative program on the Challenges of Transportation
for Rural Residents


Getthere, a transportation connection in South Central New York, is an excellent example of how rural residents can be connected to health care appointments.

July 18th, 2016 marked
Three years
since the creation of Upstate NY Towns Association Inc.!

Thank you all for your support!

We have been followed by local, state, national and international media for our work in studying and researching secession!
It’s humbling for the Association to have received so much attention.
The Association will continue to deliver quality programs and services to Upstate NY towns by promoting the common good and general welfare of the towns and their residents.

What Municipalities Need to Know
About Solar Farms

Thank you to the towns from five counties who attended
the Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 14.
A special Thank You to LeeAnn Tinney, Tioga County's Director
of Economic Development & Planning

for her inspirational presentation on Economic Development.


The Upstate New York Towns Association, Inc. was formed on July 18, 2013 because there are needs and interests of towns in upstate New York that are different than the needs and interests of towns in downstate New York.

The Seasons in Upstate NY are Spectacular!

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